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The Gift of Music


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We, Marissa and Wendy LaPierre, have been the proud owners of Cotton Tale Cafe & Play since we opened in September 2015. We have very much enjoyed getting to know so many young families in our area, and watching your babies grow from birth, through toddler-hood and into school aged children! We've been pleased to be a home away from home for many of you, providing a creative, colourful and safe play place, delicious and nutritious snacks and lunches.

It was so hard to have to temporarily close our doors on March 15!

We have recently partnered with Donna & Andy to provide you with their great music that you can access at home. There are 36 songs in the "Top of the Class" membership with coloring pages and activities for each song as well.

When you purchase a "Top of the Class" membership - Cotton Tale Café will receive a small commission from Donna & Andy.

Music at Home with Donna & Andy

Bring the best Donna & Andy songs into your home with a Donna & Andy "Top of the Class" membership.

You can Give the Gift of Music using the Checkout form below.


Donna & Andy songs

Sample Printables - coloring pages, lyrics, activities - from "Top of the Class" membership level

Pondering Penguins - Coloring Page
Pondering Penguins - Lyrics
Pondering Penguins - Activity Pack
Penguin Crossword Puzzle - BONUS activity

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Donna & Andy?

Lots more music and goodies for you!

Lots of Pirates in the audience!

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