Valentine Rhythm Activity 

Valentine messages are used to explore rhythm patterns and create original chants and rhythm compositions. Students will combine their musical skills with fun heart visuals and some Valentine spirit and will be having so much fun, no one will believe they are actually working and learning things!   

Valentine Rhythm Activity

Create Valentine Messages

... and then mix and remix to create endless combinations of original chants and rhythmic compositions. Will the phrases the students create make a chant that makes sense? Will the combinations turn into some very strange “lyrics” for their song? Students are keen to read the chants and rhythmic compositions THEY have created and will be engaged and interested in repeating the activity in multiple combinations.

In addition to applying their music skills, students are empowered with the knowledge that when they organize sounds, they are actually composers!

Enjoy creating, having fun and experiencing the wonderful world of music through play and exploration.

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Donna Rhodenizer

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist, Performer

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna has taught elementary music for 35 years. As a Composer - Donna has over 400 published solo voice, choral, handbell, recorder, violin and piano compositons. She is an accomplished presenter and continues to perform in the duo  "Donna & Andy"

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