Jiggle Wiggle Freeze

by Donna Rhodenizer

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Action Songs - Move and Freeze Activities

Action songs are a great way to get children moving, warmed up and engaged. Action songs with "move and freeze" elements require focus while providing lots of fun. Even older students love the challenge of being able to hold a pose and “freeze” in place. Students enjoy the freedom to move and freeze as instructed by the music. My students also ask for “elimination” freeze games. They love the challenge of holding a pose and not getting caught moving. Students who are caught moving are eliminated from the movement part of the game but they can be included as “judges” to keep them involved. Students are keen to see if they can be the last person to be caught moving.


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Jiggle Wiggle Freeze can be sung as part of a “move and freeze game”, and it also works as a great song for younger singers in a concert setting.

See sample score and lyrics here.

Concert settings

Younger students do well in concert settings with songs that include actions that help reinforce the words of the song. Doing actions also provides a focus for inexperienced concert performers, giving them something to direct their “jiggly” nervous energy into a positive performance experience. However, they will need to have simple words to sing so they don’t get caught up in the actions and leave out the most important part – the singing!

Add classroom instruments

Jiggle Wiggle Freeze is a great song for adding classroom instruments. If classroom movement is restricted, play different instruments for each verse.



Jiggle wiggle - tambourine, triangle

Zigga zagga - guiro, ratchet

Wishy washy - maracas, egg shakers


“Movers and shakers”

Divide the class into two groups: a move and freeze group and an instrumental group. Having half the class moving and the other half stationary creates more space for students to move and reduces the number of instruments required.

  • Students in the move and freeze group must listen for the word “Freeze” and stand very still until they hear the next movement instruction. Elimination variant: if "caught" moving, that student must sit down and/or they become an assistant in spotting people who are moving. A second option is for those who are caught moving to switch places with a player in the instrumental group so all students remain involved.
  • Students in the instrumental group will play their classroom instruments in the music breaks when the other students are “frozen” in their spots.
  • Add instruments such as triangle, claves, finger cymbals, cabasa, etc.
  • Students may improvise, play an established ostinato, or be instructed to play a specific number of times (e.g. 3 tambourine shakes).
Dancing Boy

Students who are moving must make sure they stay very still when they are supposed to be frozen. Students who are playing instruments must make sure they only play when no one is moving!

Switch groups

Have the 2 groups switch places and repeat the game.

Be a composer

Replace “jiggle wiggle”, “zigga zagga” and “wishy washy” with your own silly movement words.

What movement would you add if you use the words “wingy wingy”?  What about “jumpy wumpy”?

2 kids happy dancing

Have fun moving, freezing and composing!  

Donna Rhodenizer - Jiggle Wiggle Freeze

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna Rhodenizer is a Canadian composer. Her songs are well-loved repertoire for young singers in vocal studios, elementary classrooms and choirs around the world. She honed her song-writing skills in her 35+ year career as an elementary music education specialist in the public school system. Donna’s great sense of humor and unique way of looking at the world are reflected in her lyrics which range from quirky to heartfelt. She knows how to reach into the imaginations of children and create music helping them explore their world and giving them a voice to express themselves.

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