Seven Sassy Sailors

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Tongue twisters are a fun challenge and a great warm up for young singers. The goal is to keep all the words from tangling up while still presenting a believable story! The seven sassy sailors in this song find themselves in “hot water” as they sink their ship and require rescuing. Spoiler alert: they do survive the ordeal!

Seven Sassy Sailors can be included in your repertoire library as a warm up or as an expressive storytelling song that is perfect for young singers. The shifts between major and minor help set the stage and tell the tale. Have fun singing about these sassy, saucy, sorry, soggy sailors!

1 review for Seven Sassy Sailors

  1. Andy Duinker

    Awesome tongue twistery kind of song. Graet for kids age 8-9. My students really enjoy it.

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