Rap it Up to Go

Elf sitting on presents

Years ago I had a grade 5/6 class who had many musical talents but they were not inclined to be happy singers. I wrote "Rap it Up to Go" for them and they had a blast wearing sunglasses and carrying signs like "1-800 Ho Ho Ho!" to add to the "drama" of their rap performance. It was a magical, musical, non-singing contribution to our concert. They loved it and the audience loved it!

This song is included in the song collection "It's Christmas Time" but the original lyrics have become dated with references to "the net" and sending gifts by "fax." With some updated lyrics for 2021, the song is ready to go again!

"Rap it Up to Go" does not have a recorded sample performance track and no accompaniment track. I encourage you to unleash the musical talents of your bucket drummers, boom whackerists, and players using any other percussive classroom instruments that can be pressed into service to create a unique percussion track for your performance of "Rap it Up to Go."

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Donna Rhodenizer and Santa

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist, Performer

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna Rhodenizer would rather write a rap than wrap a present. Although she has never claimed to be particularly stellar at either of these tasks, what she lacks in finesse, she makes up for with great enthusiasm and Christmas spirit! Donna is the creative force behind many melodic and musical Christmas and winter songs written for young singers. Her songs are sung and enjoyed by elementary school children around the world.