It's Snowing (Oh Yes)! / It's Snowing (Oh No)!

It's Snowing - by Donna Rhodenizer

Some people LOVE snow and some people DO NOT! Now here is a 2-song set that allows singers to choose their favourite point of view when it comes to snow, “It’s Snowing (Oh yes!)” or “It’s Snowing (Oh no!)”. If the singer cannot decide, there is always the option to sing both versions as a 2-song set.

The “Oh yes!” version is written in a major key with the lyrics extolling the fun of going outside to play. The “Oh no!” version is accomplished with only a few tweaks to the lyrics and a switch to a minor key.

Singers will have great fun using their best expressive singing skills to theatrically present their favourite opinion about snow.

Yes or no, do YOU like snow?

I originally wrote “It’s Snowing” from the viewpoint of someone who loves the beautiful snowy weather and the chance to go outside and play. My new song was sitting on the piano when my sister, Debbie, stopped by for a visit. She is a fine musician and piano player, so I asked her to play my song to check for mistakes. She thought the only mistake was that it was so cheery and happy about snow. She is NOT a happy snow day person. My sister said she thought the song should be written in a minor key and be about NOT wanting to go outside to shovel in the cold, snowy weather. Debbie played a few bars of my song altering my chords to turn my song into a minor key to prove her point. It was too “delicious” of an idea to pass up, so I created the companion “Oh no!” version and dedicated it to my sister.

Ironically, Debbie has a golden retriever that absolutely adores going outside and playing in the snow. The dog loves to dig holes in snow banks and sticks her whole face in the snow holes she creates. I guess my sister and her dog will just have to agree to disagree about the virtues of SNOW!

Ruby in the Snow

It's Snowing - performances

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Donna Rhodenizer - shoveling Snow - Jan. 2022

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist, Performer

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna “digs deep” in her imagination to write happy songs about snowy weather. Sitting next to a lovely fire and watching a good snowstorm through the window is her favourite way to enjoy a snowy day! Donna puts her imagination to good use as she writes songs that delight young singers (and their teachers!) with her clever lyrics and catchy melodies. She has been writing music for choral singers since she was in high school, with a major focus on writing songs for young singers which developed over her 37 years as an elementary music education specialist. Her music is sung around the world in music festivals, elementary schools, private vocal studios, and community choirs.