Songs for Young Singers

by Donna Rhodenizer

ORMTA Presentation

Donna Rhodenizer - Lighthouse - Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Donna is a teacher who composes and a composer who teaches.

She has been composing for young singers since 1985 when she began teaching.

Influences include:

  • Took piano, violin and voice lessons
  • Played classical, church and traditional
  • Sang in church girls’ choir, accompanied Sr. Choir
  • Orchestra experience (age 15-26)
  • Kodaly – Level 3 certification
  • Mom of three boys (a MAJOR influence!)
  • Professional performer and award-winning recording artist (Donna & Andy)
  • Elementary Music Education Specialist - 37 years

Donna's presentation for young singers encompasses repertoire options for "Littles" (ages 5-7), "Middles" (ages 7-9) and "Bigs" (ages 9-12). In addition to being fun concert-performance pieces, Donna outlines musical elements that are found in the songs, useful for use in vocal lessons.  

Download Donna's Presentation and 2 FREE songs. Enjoy!

Donna Rhodenizer

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna is always on the lookout for song-writing ideas. Her experiences as a mother of three boys have provided lots of inspiration! Her boys are now grown up, but her five grandchildren and the children from her elementary school music classroom have continued to be inspiring character studies for Donna’s compositions.

Donna has written over 500 songs including repertoire for solo singers, choirs, and school groups, as well as songs for recorder, violin, handbells, piano, and organ. Donna’s music has found a place in the hearts and music libraries of music teachers and students around the world.

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