Royal Recorders

A comprehensive recorder program for beginners who want to learn to play recorder.

Step-by-step program with student books.

Fun and Enjoyable for Students Learning to Play Recorder

Fun and original songs.

Songs are created to maximize success from the very beginning of the program.

Sophisticated accompaniments / backing tracks in a variety of styles ensure students sound GREAT even when playing simple two note songs! 

Royal Recorders

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Royal Recorders - Course

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The Royal Recorders course provides all resources including

 - Print Music

 - Accompaniments

 - Instructional videos

 - etc.

Student Books

Student Book 1 (for beginners)

  - 23 songs and 3 composition exercises. See Book 1 sample here.

Student Book 2 (next level)

  - 24 songs and 2 compositions. See Book 2 sample here.

Recorder Fingering Chart

Get the English/Baroque Recorder Fingering Chart here.

Teacher Resources

The Royal Recorders Teacher Guide (2022 version) will be available soon. Please sign up for the Royal Recorders newsletter to be notified of the new release.

  • Teacher guide (print and digital)
  • Note-naming sheets
  • Fingering charts for display (individual notes)
  • Student incentives (knight certificates and class castle templates)
  • Knight certificates
  • Class Castle Templates

Accompaniment Tracks

Sophisticated accompaniment/backing tracks in a variety of styles ensure students sound GREAT even when playing simple two note songs! Tracks will be available within the Royal Recorders course or you can stream or download individual tracks for practice and performance (details coming soon).

Super Knight Challenge

Donna's video demonstrates this challenging song for students who have achieved the highest level in Royal Recorders. Students successfully mastering all 13 levels in the Royal Recorders program will be ready for the Super Knight Challenge and are invited to download the free print music and accompaniment MP3. 

Extra Songs

Information coming soon. Sign up to the newsletter to get announcements.

Note-Naming Sheets

Information coming soon. Sign up to the newsletter to get announcements.

Royal Recorders - Start Your Journey
Recorder Fingering Chart
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Motivating, Supportive, and Sequential

- Songs promote rapid achievement and improvement by introducing new elements in a sequential approach.

- Students love the song challenges at each Knight level.

- Motivational incentives add an element of achievement at every step of the program:

- Student names are added to the Castle for every song that is learned.

- Pass three song challenges and become a Knight.

- Receive a certificate to acknowledge successful achievement of each new Knight level.

- Receive a flag to display on the recorder for every Knight level that is achieved.

Donna Rhodenizer and Royal Recorders student - playing test

Teachers will LOVE the Solid Pedagogy of this Method

Based on best pedagogical practices.

Sequential introduction of skills promotes rapid achievement and improvement.

Songs are designed to add new skills one at a time.

Foundational skills are well established before adding new elements.

Songs can be presented in class settings or used to allow students to progress at their own rate.

The music is interesting enough to continue playing the earlier songs in the method, even after higher skill levels are achieved, making it ideal for use in classrooms with mixed skill levels.

The inclusion of student compositions provides the opportunity to apply newly acquired skills.

Hot Cross Buns can be permanently retired – it is NOT included in the Royal Recorder kingdom!

Donna Rhodenizer and Royal Recorders student

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist, Performer

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna has taught elementary music for 35 years. As a Composer - Donna Royal Recorders program is renowned for its success amongst her recorder students. There are many Royal Recorder Knights who have achieved great musical quests.

"Donna & Andy"