Concert Planning

by Donna Rhodenizer

Concert Planning and Preparation - with Donna Rhodenizer

Concert Planning and Preparation

This page is dedicated to components that need to be considered, addressed and organized when planning and preparing an elementary school music concert. There are lot of things that happen “behind the scenes” as music teachers help create  wonderful musical memories for students and their families!

Songs for Elementary School Christmas / Winter Concerts

A major factor in the success of the elementary school music concert is choosing songs for each grade level. Many factors will be the same for all grades, but there are also needs that are specific to each level: Littles (K-1), Middles (2-3) and Bigs (4-6), that must be considered. Click on each image to learn more!

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Donna Rhodenizer - Accordion with the Blue Nose, Lunenburg NS

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna Rhodenizer has been composing music for young singers for over 35 years. Donna LOVES composing Christmas and winter songs, and her students are always keen to see what she will pull from her imagination and turn into a song. She has used her original compositions in the many school Christmas concerts she has organized during her years as an elementary music education specialist in schools in Nova Scotia. Donna’s Christmas concerts are “legendary”, and have been well-loved by her students and appreciative audiences. Donna is delighted to plan and organize concerts and create music memories for her students. She is keen to share her years of concert-planning expertise to help her music-teaching colleagues with their concert plans.

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