Donna & Andy create and perform the best kids music possible.

Donna & Andy are an award winning, and internationally touring children’s performing duo. They live in Nova Scotia Canada. They have performed in over 1500 elementary schools and theatres since 1996. Donna & Andy  would love to perform at your elementary school or community this year. Join their mailing list for Donna & Andy touring dates. Learn more about Donna & Andy at this link.

Children love Donna & Andy songs

Donna & Andy’s original songs are well-loved by children of all ages. Parents and grandparents can listen as their children sing along with Donna & Andy recordings. Their smartly crafted lyrics and lots of talented musicians are a winning combination . Go to Donna & Andy’s music website to listen. Get your own copies of Donna & Andy songs. Enjoy the music! www.redcastlepublishing.com

Elementary Music Resources

Donna & Andy’s songs and elementary school music resources are widely used across North America and internationally. Donna’s original songs inspire Elementary Music Teachers, Private Voice Teachers, School Choirs and Private Voice Students.  Elementary children perform Donna’s songs exuberantly, delighting teachers, parents and all who attend the concerts.  Purchase Donna & Andy ‘s elementary music resources and vocal repertoire at this link.