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Royal Recorders

Royal Recorders - Accompaniment Tracks

MP3 accompaniment tracks are central to the delivery of the Royal Recorders program.

- Accompaniments (in a variety of styles) add excitement to the foundational, simple 2-note songs

- Accompaniments provide support for more difficult songs

Permission is given to download MP3s in the best format for you AND your students (phones, computers, Google Classroom, etc.). Students are encouraged to use these tracks outside of class time as well.

See Details:

   Student Book 1 - Accompaniment Tracks

         Student Book 2 - Accompaniment Tracks

Young Recorder Players will love playing along with these tracks!

Accompaniment tracks (22 songs in a variety of styles) provide support and musical interest, motivating students to play songs multiple times. Accompaniment tracks are offered with a practice speed, supporting the early stages of the students’ efforts. A performance speed track is also provided for performances or as an added challenge in regular class activities. Students can use these tracks when performing out in the community as well.

Songs Include:  

    * Original songs by Donna Rhodenizer

G and A All Day *
He B G Bees *
Baa, Baa, Baa *
One, Two, Skip a Few *
Big Bad G *
Flamenco Flair *
Up and Down *
BAG of Surprises *
Fais dodo -
French Folk Song
Over Easy *
Blues-E *
Skin and Bones -
Camp Song
Go for a Stroll *
Old MacDonald -
There's a Hole in My Bucket -
Lady of the Red Castle *
À la claire fontaine -
French Folk Song
Jolly Minstrels *
Day is Done -
Camp Song
Cabbage Soup *
Ode to Joy -
Oh When the Saints -

More accomplished Recorder Players working in Student Book 2 will love the support these tracks provide!

Accompaniment tracks for the 23 songs in Student Book 2 create a musical foundation for students as they play more complex songs in a variety of styles. Accompaniment tracks are offered with two speed options. The practice speed supports students as they learn each song. The performance speed may be used as an added challenge in regular class activities or to enhance the overall presentation when students are performing for school concerts or out in the community.

Songs Include:  

    * Original songs by Donna Rhodenizer

Moravian Folk Tune - Folk song
Still Waters *
Twilight *
- Grieg
Birch Tree (duet)
- Tchaikovsky
Sharp as a Tack *
English Melody
- Kingsfold
Merry Branle
- Arbeau
C Major Scale
- Baroque style
Scarborough Fair
- English ballad
My Paddle
- Embers McGee
What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor?   -
 Trad. Sea Shanty
Music Alone Shall Live (canon)
- Folk song
Un Canadien Errant (duet)
- Gérin-Lajoie/arr. Rhodenizer
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
- Spiritual
Let’s Catch a Rooster (canon)
- Trad.
Donna’s Aire *
Scotland the Brave
- Trad.
Down by the Sally Gardens
- Folk song
Ash Grove
- Trad.
Celtic Winter *
Early One Morning
- Folk song
Little Burnt Potato
- Trad./Boyd