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Children Love Donna & Andy Songs

Sample - Donna & Andy songs

Devin Johnstone - parent - Donna & Andy fan


I can't say enough about how wonderful Donna & Andy's music is. It is well-written, fun, and clever - featuring memorable melodies, interesting harmonies, and amazing instrumentation, in lots of different styles! Whether the context is home, or in the classroom or concert, you won't be disappointed! These are songs that kids (and us grownups) love to listen to and love to sing!

Devin Johnstone parent

Lyrics That Spin Stories and Sparkle with Wit

Clever lyrics tell great stories and foster songs that are fun to sing. Donna & Andy songs are enjoyable for the whole family.

Variety of Musical Styles

Children enjoy sophisticated listening experiences! Parents will also appreciate the musicality that shines in all Donna & Andy songs.

Parents will also Request Repeat Plays

Strong lyrics backed by good music ensures parents and children enjoy the time they spend together listening to Donna & Andy songs! Parents will discover their own favorite Donna & Andy songs.

We do it for the Kids - and Parents too!

Donna & Andy cannot play on the floor with your kids, but we can play and sing some great songs for the kids while they are playing.

You take care of the toy time, we'll take care of the tunes!

No need for you to be able to sing or play, we will do that for you and your children.

Just get ready to enjoy the music!

A Donna & Andy Membership Provides Your Family with a Complete Music Experience

Children are naturally curious about the world around them.

Help them explore and learn through music and activities that are natural extensions of the Donna & Andy songs they have learned.

Songs on the Go!

Nothing to do? Nowhere to go?

Take a trip to the world of play and imagination. Listen to Donna & Andy songs, sing along, dance along and enjoy!

You can even take the tunes with you wherever you go!

Donna & Andy Memberships

10 Free Songs



Download 10 Most Popular Donna & Andy Songs


    Ed the Invisible Dragon

    I Need a Home for My Dinosaur

    It's a Pirates Life for Me

    I'd Rather be a Bear

    Penguin Parade

    Donna-Andy Cha Cha Cha

       and more




Stream and/or Download

46 Donna & Andy Songs

All songs from 4 Donna & Andy CD's

    A Jolly Bunch Are We - CD

    Blue Skies and Pirates - CD

    Computer Cat - CD

    Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me - CD

            plus - Bonuses

Top of the Class



Stream and/or Download

92 Donna & Andy tracks

(46 songs + 46 instrumental/karaoke tracks)

All tracks from 3 Donna & Andy CDs

    Blue Skies and Pirates - CD

    Computer Cat - CD

    Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me - CD


- Lyrics - for 46 songs

- Over 350 Activities for home or school

- Coloring Pages - for all songs

- Bonuses

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Donna & Andy Membership - Features and Benefits for Parents


Membership benefits and song details in one printable document - a little late night reading.

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Sample Printables - coloring pages, lyrics, activities - from "Top of the Class" membership level (over 350 activities + 36 coloring and lyrics pages)

Pondering Penguins - Coloring Page
Pondering Penguins - Lyrics
Pondering Penguins - Activity Pack
Penguin Crossword Puzzle - BONUS activity

What they say

Laura Churchill-Duke 

Parent & Author

Kids love Donna & Andy!
I have attended several concerts at my sons' school, and the kids love the music and the interactive approach during the concert. When it comes to singing Donna & Andy music, children love the catchy tunes and the funny lyrics. They speak directly to kids and know what works! As a parent, I love their music because it is catchy, and high quality!

Bruno Allard

Bruno Allard


My 5-year-old son loves Donna & Andy’s music! He is often listening to their songs and singing them around the house. He especially likes their songs about dinosaurs and dragons, pirates and bears, and splashing in puddles. It’s clear that Donna & Andy understand children, and write songs with rich and varied instrumentations and musical styles so that parents can appreciate them too. What I especially like is that they have two distinct voices and have songs in both French and English. 

Keep up the great work, Donna & Andy!

Julie Stewart - big fan

Julie Stewart 

Teacher/Children's Choir Director

I have loved sharing Donna & Andy's songs with my students and choirs for years. Parents tell me that once their child starts singing the catchy melodies with family friendly lyrics, the whole house can't stop singing their songs! They are enchanting!

Joanna Macphee-Simpson

Elementary School Music Specialist

I have used Donna & Andy’s songs for years in my elementary music classroom.  The children love the lyrics and can easily connect with the subject matter, they enjoy the melodies that are composed in a developmentally appropriate vocal range.  The accompaniment tracks are fantastic and add a flare to the vocal performance. The rich harmony lines in the piano accompaniment contribute to a very pleasing musical texture. Love, love, love all their music!

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