Christmas Concert Planning 

Preparing & Organizing

You can find great concert planning tips on this page to help you plan and prepare for your elementary school concert.

Feel free to download the documents available for some videos. Repertoire for Christmas / Winter Concerts (K-6) can be found on these "Littles, Middles and Bigs" pages.

Preparing and Organizing 

Part 1

Preparing and Organizing 

Part 2

Preparing and Organizing 

Part 3

Preparing and Organizing

Part 4

Creating an Organizational Binder

Riser Safety

Printed Concert Program

Final Week

Here We Go - 

Moving to the Gym

Songs for Elementary School Christmas / Winter Concerts

A major factor in the success of the elementary school music concert is choosing songs for each grade level. Many factors will be the same for all grades, but there are also needs that are specific to each level: Littles (K-1), Middles (2-3) and Bigs (4-6), that must be considered.

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