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Songs for “Middles” (Grade 2-3)

Students in grades 2-3 (“Middles”) are beginning to develop some stable music skills. Most children have discovered their singing voice and they are able to sing in tune with other singers (singing with an accompaniment). They are able to learn melodies by rote that have more complex combinations of notes. Middles are also unique in the fact that they are exuberant and easily excited about whatever you present to them as an exciting idea.

Song choices can incorporate humour, props (as long as they don’t detract from the singing!) and storytelling songs that have more lyrics to remember. Actions help support these very kinesthetic learners and actions are also a great addition, both for visual appeal and for helping remember lyrics. Be careful that the actions are simple enough to support the lyrics without diverting the attention from the singing.

I'm Gonna Build a Snowman!

When the snow is “packy” and conditions are just right, building a snowman is the only thing to do! This song shares the joy of playing in the snow, adding a snow dog and a snow house to the building projects. Watch out! There might even be a snowball in the mix. (Thanks to Andy Duinker for building this amazing snowman!)

Four Snow Friends

Four snow friends have great fun together until they are slowly reduced to a single snow friend. Eventually Mom calls for lunch and then there are no snow friends left! This delightful song is really two stories. The song can be sung straight through in a simple “ABA” form, or the two songs can be sung together as a partner song in the final section for a 2-part finish. This is a tune that will stick in your head. You have been warned!

Mister Santa I've Been Good

Our good friend and artist Richard Bennett created this fun image and video for "Mister Santa I've Been Good". You'll find this song in the "It's Christmas Time" song collection. You can also download some coloring pages for your kids on this page as well.

This song is great for students in grade 2-3 (and even grade 4). The jaunty opening melody is contrasted with a more legato “bridge” section before returning to the opening melody to finish the song. While trying to convince Santa that wonderful behaviour has been the norm, the song does not ever really cross over into a “gimme, gimme” sentiment.

Christmas Pudding - lyrics

Christmas Pudding

There are lots of things that make Christmas a special time of year: stockings, Christmas pudding, hanging stockings, presents being hidden under the bed, going to Grandma’s and eating turkey dinner, to name only a few! The singers in this song are having fun thinking about all the things they love about the season even as they are waiting for Christmas to finally arrive.

Christmas Pudding was composed as a non-sacred Christmas alternative to the original melody, “Sing, “Gloria!”  which is included in the "It’s Christmas Time" song collection. Christmas Pudding vocal score and separate lyrics page are included. 

No more School for Me

Children are very excited when school is cancelled because there is so much snow. This is not a policy everywhere, but where it does happen, even small children learn to listen to the radio to see how much snow is coming and whether or not they can stay in bed instead of going to school. Bring on the snow!

I'd Rather Be a Bear

Snow and winter weather is not a problem at all for the hibernating bear! Safe and warm over the winter, the bear waits for the warmer weather in May before venturing outside. Then it is a summer of playing and eating before hibernating and waiting out another stormy winter season. Wouldn’t YOU rather be a bear?

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Donna Rhodenizer

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna Rhodenizer has been composing music for young singers for over 35 years. Donna LOVES composing Christmas and winter songs, and her students are always keen to see what she will pull from her imagination and turn into a song. She has used her original compositions in the many school Christmas concerts she has organized during her years as an elementary music education specialist in schools in Nova Scotia. Donna’s Christmas concerts are “legendary”, and have been well-loved by her students and appreciative audiences. Donna is delighted to plan and organize concerts and create music memories for her students. She is keen to share her years of concert-planning expertise to help her music-teaching colleagues with their concert plans.

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