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Donna Rhodenizer and Andy Duinker (Donna & Andy) have, like all amazing educators and musicians, adapted for the times in which we live. They have created perhaps one of the most versatile and user-friendly ways in which parents, teachers and students can share their [Donna & Andy's] music and amazing stories.   see full recommendation here

Donalda Westcott President, Canadian Music Educators Association

Young Students Love Donna & Andy Songs

Do you want something better for your students to listen to while they are staying at home? Are you looking for some great music for your students to sing and dance to? Check out our library of amazing digital downloads.

Join the Donna & Andy Membership. Your students' families can Stream and Download their favorite Donna & Andy tunes and activities at home.


Donna & Andy songs

Lyrics That Spin Stories and Sparkle with Wit

Donna & Andy create music with clever lyrics that foster a love of singing and sparks the imagination of young singers. Teachers will enjoy access to a great library of songs that students love to sing.

Variety of Musical Styles

Your students are sophisticated listeners! Teachers can count on Donna & Andy songs to deliver a balance of age-appropriate lyrics, singable melodies and interesting music elements.

Students will Request Repeat Plays

Teachers can confidently use Donna & Andy's music, knowing they are providing their students with a top quality music experience. Students will want to sing and listen to their favorite Donna & Andy songs again and again.

Your "Top of the Class" Membership will Augment your Teaching Opportunies.


Access a music library with the click of a mouse. A variety of styles, skill levels and MANY topics! Download or play directly from the "Top of the Class" membership pages. 

Plan your concerts for the year!

Donna & Andy performance tracks provide:

  • clear diction and phrasing with good tone
  • great vocal modeling for your students
  • appropriate vocal range for young singers
  • vocal rest for teachers in the classroom


Instrumental Accompaniment Tracks:

  • practice with consistent accompaniment for optimal performance success
  • professional backup band for every performance
  • freedom to direct your students and not be stuck behind the piano
  • tracks can be played through a sound system
  • opportunity to create your own lyrics, or adapt lyrics
  • opportunity for listening lessons - what do you hear?

Sample - Donna & Andy songs - instrumental accompaniment  tracks

PLUS activities - YES!

  • Activities for the music classroom and private studio
  • Assign specific activities as at-home projects and extensions of the songs that students have learned
  • Provide enrichment activities that are fun and educational for students who need something "extra"
  • Use activities as learning-centre projects
  • Share cross-curricular activities with classroom teachers extending the interaction with the music beyond the walls of the music room

Sample Printables - from "Top of the Class" membership level

(over 350 activities + 36 coloring and lyrics pages)

Pondering Penguins - Coloring Page
Pondering Penguins - Lyrics
Pondering Penguins - Activity Pack
Penguin Crossword Puzzle - BONUS activity

Donna & Andy Membership

10 Free Songs



Download 10 Most Popular Donna & Andy Songs


    Ed the Invisible Dragon

    I Need a Home for My Dinosaur

    It's a Pirates Life for Me

    I'd Rather be a Bear

    Penguin Parade

    Donna-Andy Cha Cha Cha

       and more




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Stream and/or Download

36 Donna & Andy Songs

All songs from 3 Donna & Andy CD's

    Blue Skies and Pirates - CD

    Computer Cat - CD

    Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me - CD

        plus - Bonuses

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Top of the Class



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Stream and/or Download

72 Donna & Andy tracks

(36 songs + 36 instrumental/karaoke tracks)

All tracks from 3 Donna & Andy CDs

    Blue Skies and Pirates - CD

    Computer Cat - CD

    Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me - CD


- Lyrics - for 36 songs

- Over 350 Activities for home or school

- Coloring Pages - for all songs

- Bonuses

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Membership benefits and song details in one printable document - a little late night reading. 

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Add to Your Membership by Purchasing Print and Digital Music

Vocal and Accompaniment Scores!

  • vocal score with a single melody line is ideal for young singers 
  • full score is provided for teacher/director/accompanist
  • vocal score is perfect for student use when isolating musical elements and teaching music theory
  • copy vocal scores for your students and choir members
  • eBooks are available in the Donna & Andy Store
  • view eBook sample pages here
  • print books and individual songs available on Donna & Andy's publishing website.  www.redcastlepublishing.com 

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What they say

Joanna Macphee-Simpson

Elementary School Music Specialist

I have used Donna & Andy’s songs for years in my elementary music classroom.  The children love the lyrics and can easily connect with the subject matter, they enjoy the melodies that are composed in a developmentally appropriate vocal range.  The accompaniment tracks are fantastic and add a flare to the vocal performance. The rich harmony lines in the piano accompaniment contribute to a very pleasing musical texture. Love, love, love all their music!

Julie Stewart - big fan

Julie Stewart 

Teacher/Children's Choir Director

I have loved sharing Donna & Andy's songs with my students and choirs for years. Parents tell me that once their child starts singing the catchy melodies with family friendly lyrics, the whole house can't stop singing their songs! They are enchanting!

Nikki Loney

Nikki Loney 

Voice Teacher, Podcaster, Resource Creator - FULL VOICE MUSIC


I had the pleasure of seeing Donna & Andy in concert at my son's school, and It was so much fun. From the moment the kids entered the auditorium, they had them engaged, laughing, singing, clapping, and smiling from ear to ear.

As a private voice teacher, Donna & Andy's music has brought great joy and musical learning to my young voice students. Their music is always a hit at recitals, and my introductory small group vocal classes have been a massive success with the help of such entertaining music that the kids and parents adore. Their music and energy is a gift to all of us! 



I’m now 15 and Donna & Andy CD’s are still played in the car! Donna & Andy and the Beatles make up my playlist.  I still sing because of them.