Witch Watches

Witch Watches by Donna Rhodenizer

A delightfully tongue twisting tale of two witches with watches! Be careful that your tongue doesn’t get tied in a knot!

Singers, age 10 and up, will enjoy the challenge of mastering the tongue-twisting words within the 6/8 meter. The lyrical melody is written in a minor key within an easily accessible single octave.

Witch Watches - 1st page - full score - SAMPLE


Audio Tracks

     - Melody guide + accompaniment

     - Accompaniment - piano


Print Pages

     - Vocal score

     - Full score

     - Printed lyrics (both options)

For the Teacher

     - Teaching Strategies

     - 4 tongue twister vocal warm-ups

Older Singers are sophisticated listeners:

      They need carefully chosen repertoire to catch their interest. 

      They do not have the skill sets required to create the same style and level of music to which they like to listen.

      They need music that is musically satisfying with some challenges, but not so difficult as to be unattainable.

Tongue Twisters are a good fit for the older elementary singer.

  • The melody and musical form of the song can be at an attainable skill level.
  • The challenge is in learning to accurately sing the tongue-twisting text.
  • Tongue twisters can also spice up vocal warm ups.
  • Spoken tongue twisters are a fun way to introduce this song and they can be used as warm ups when preparing for this piece.

“Witch Watches” was inspired by a “simple” two-line tongue twister which was expanded to create this fun and challenging two-verse song. For non-singing classes, use “Witch Watches” as an expressive dramatic reading.

Song details:

Ages:  10 and up

Range:  C4-C5

Themes:  Halloween, witches and watches

Teaching focus:  expressive singing and/or speaking, enunciation, minor tonality

Donna Rhodenizer - Christmas 1969 - new watch

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist, Performer

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna Rhodenizer received her first wristwatch at the age of 8 as a Christmas gift from her grandmother.  Donna loves spending her time composing songs for young singers, and she has written more than 400 songs over the past three decades. She enjoys playing with words (especially tongue twisters) and adding humour to her songs. 

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