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Action songs are a great way to get children moving, warmed up and engaged. Action songs with “move and freeze” elements require focus while providing lots of fun. Students enjoy the freedom to move and freeze as instructed by the music. Even older students love the challenge of being able to hold a pose and “freeze” in place without getting “caught” and/or eliminated from the “move and freeze” game.

With two versions provided, students can sing along, or follow the directions as sung by the teacher or other students. The lyrics refer to snow and can be included in a winter concert, or the non-seasonal lyrics can be used to enjoy this fun movement song at any time of year.

Download Includes:

  • Vocal score (concert version)
  • Vocal score (Move & Freeze game version)
  • Director/piano score
  • Lyrics
  • Accompaniment – with melody guide
  • Accompaniment – piano
  • Novelty Accompaniment – with melody guide
  • Novelty Accompaniment
  • Action song instructions (and teaching tips)

Jiggle Wiggle Freeze

Audio & Lyrics

Follow along with the lyrics as you listen to the accompaniment with melody guide for Jiggle Wiggle Freeze.

Jiggle Wiggle Freeze - Concert Version - song composed - by Donna Rhodenizer - Lyrics - SAMPLE

Teaching tips

Jiggle Wiggle Freeze has two versions: the freeze game version works best when the teacher sings the song to the students (who follow the instructions). The concert version is written for students to sing as they add their actions and freeze poses in class or in concert.

Use the piano only tracks (which are also slower) when teaching “littles” the words to this song. Once the students are familiar with the words, use the novelty tracks for a full and exciting in-class or concert experience.

Use the Freeze game version of Jiggle Wiggle Freeze to engage students in active listening. The teacher sings the song and the students do the corresponding action or hold a “Freeze!” pose of their choice.

Use Jiggle Wiggle Freeze! as a song when the students are entering or exiting the music room. Students follow the instructions even as they are walking to their spots, engaging them in listening from the moment they enter the music room!

Looking for a great concert song for “littles” , particularly their first school concert? Teach the concert version of this song and have students sing, do the actions and add their freeze poses. Wiggly “littles” get to do what comes naturally to them as part of a concert performance. Jiggle Wiggle Freeze is a winning combination!

Composer's Notes

Jiggle Wiggle Freeze

Sometimes a composer writes a song because of an inspiration, a funny thing they have seen, a beautiful sunset, or a heartfelt sentiment they wish to convey. Other times, the need for a song is a practical thing. Such was the case for Jiggle Wiggle Freeze. I had a wiggly group of young students who were expected to perform at the school concert in December after being in school for only a few months. They were not really ready to sing, and they were a lively bunch. I decided to write a movement song for them. I had fun playing with words that had similar sounds, almost like a tongue twister. Students at this age also love to freeze dance, so I added that element into the song. It worked well in our December concert with its connection to the season being the “freeze” part and a small reference to winter weather. The “littles” are always a highly anticipated addition to a school concert and Jiggle Wiggle Freeze allowed them to deliver a simple song, some fun actions and do what they do best – be entertaining for family and friends.

Older students also love to move and freeze so Jiggle Wiggle Freeze has been pressed into service throughout the year with classes of various ages as they arrive in the music room. We certainly have had fun doing jiggle wiggle, wishy washy, and zigga zagga dance moves, and of course, staying very still for the “freeze” parts!

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Vocal Range

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