Donna Rhoidenizer - Canons and Rounds - Camp Songs

Donna Rhodenizer’s

Camp Song Collection

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Canons / Rounds 


      A Ram Sam Sam

   Fire's Burning

   One Bottle o' Pop

Canons + Rounds

A Ram Sam Sam

Fire's Burning

Sing along with Donna at 0:36

One Bottle o' Pop

Sing this with Donna at 2:21

Also - Go to Donna Rhodenizer's Camp Song Collection webpage to read about the Camp Song Collection and print the page for future reference.

Camp Songs come in a variety of categories:

Songs with disgusting lyrics 

that make us say, "Eeuw!"

       Found a Peanut

       Herman the Worm

       Tom the Toad

       Action Songs

       Bim Bum

       Dum Dum Dada

       I'm Glad I am a Camper

       Waddle-ee Ahcha

Call and Response / Echo Songs

       The Bear Song

        Boom Chicka Boom

        Going on a Bear Hunt

        The Moose Song 

Sing-along Songs / Story Songs

     Banjo Song / My Old Banjo

     The Chicken Song

     The Fox

      Long-legged Sailor

      Old MacDonald Mash-up

      Rattlin' Bog 

Canons / Rounds

       A Ram Sam Sam

       Fire's Burning

       One Bottle o' Pop


The Rooster Story

Donna Rhodenizer - Elementary Music Teacher

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist, Performer

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna has taught elementary music for 35 years. As a composer - Donna has over 500 published solo voice, choral, handbell, recorder, violin and piano compositions. She is an accomplished presenter and continues to perform in the duo "Donna & Andy".