I'm Gonna Build a Snowman

I'm Gonna Build a Snowman - Andy Duinker snowman builder

When the snow is “packy” and conditions are just right, building a snowman is the only thing to do! This song shares the joy of playing in the snow, adding a snow dog and a snow house to the building projects. Watch out! There might even be a snowball in the mix. (Thanks to Andy Duinker for building this amazing snowman!)


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I'm Gonna Build a Snowman

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I'm Gonna Build a Snowman - Sample score
Rhodenizer big snowman from the 1970s

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna and her siblings (and a few next-door-neighbours) were often sent outside to play. Snowy weather meant lots of warm gear to put on for activities like skating, building snowmen or snow forts. Donna likes writing songs and singing about snow much more than she actually enjoys being out in the cold. However, one must never let hard, cold facts stand in the way of a good snow song! Donna’s songs are well loved by young singers and their teachers and enjoyed by audiences who are thoroughly entertained by Donna’s catchy tunes and imaginative lyrics.

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