Four Snow Friends


(Partner song, optional unison)

This song follows the winter exploits of four snow friends. They play happily until the sun, the wind, and other events decrease their numbers/ They leave, one by one, until only one snow friend is left. He decides to go home for lunch and the story has reached its end.

Two story lines are paired to create this fun partner song. The easy swing feel of story 1 is well paired with the simple quarter note melody of story 2. Two siblings, a small group class, or students with varying skill levels will enjoy exploring part singing as they share the story of “Four Snow Friends”.

Download Includes:

  • Vocal score
  • Director/piano score
  • Lyrics
  • Accompaniment – with melody guide (Story 1)
  • Accompaniment – with melody guide (Story 2)
  • Accompaniment – with melody guide (Both stories – duet)
  • Accompaniment – piano

Four Snow Friends

Vocal Range

Story 1: C4 - D6,   Story 2: C4 - G5

Audio & Lyrics

Four Snow Friends - song composed by Donna Rhodenizer - lyrics - SAMPLE

Teaching Tips

Four Snow Friends can be sung as a solo/unison song or as a partner song. For a solo or unison performance, learn the two stories and decide which one you will repeat for the final section of the song.

If you are learning this song as a partner song, once you have learned your part, sing along with the melody guide track for the OTHER story. You will hear the music for the other part while you are singing your own part.

How many different sounds are used to create the melody for story 2? Use solfege syllables and/or hand signs as you sing the simple Story 2 melody.

Performance tip

For a fun recital presentation, sing this song with four students. Sing the first two sections as written and then repeat Story 2 for the final section. As the students sing, have them “disappear” one by one until only one person is remaining at the end of the song.

Composer's Notes

Four Snow Friends

My five-year-old grandson, Judah, was singing about one little snowman singing a song. I started singing along with him and adding characters to the song. It was a good idea and I jotted down some notes for later. After Judah went home, I started working on the song, starting with four snowmen that kept disappearing for various reasons until only one snowman was left. The song was very simple with only three notes. I decided to add a counter melody that was more complicated. The lyrics for the second melody told more of the story of the snowmen, setting up the scenario of how they were playing and having fun when the sun started giving them some trouble.

The two melodies fit together as a partner song. I also decided to use the lyrics “snow friends” to be more neutral and inclusive. I try to be very conscious of creating lyrics that connect with young singers. I often write with young boys in mind (a carry over from being the mother of three boys) but I also think singers should change the pronouns in the lyrics if they wish, so the song has personal meaning.

Four Snow Friends turned out to be a great story, a great song to sing as a partner song with another singer, and Judah is delighted to have been the inspiration. That’s what happens when your grandmother is a composer.

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