How do You Say Hello to a Ghost?

How to Say Hello to a Ghost - Donna Rhodenizer

If you met a ghost in the morning, would you say hello? Would you be scared? Would you be brave? Children love to play and experiment with their voices in this not-so-scary story about saying hello when meeting a ghost.

Donna has sung this song with the young students in her elementary music classroom since the early 1990s. Using the tune,  “Here We go Round the Mulberry Bush” and repetitious words inspired by the book, “How do You Say Hello to a Ghost” by Robert and Marlene McCracken, this song is a great way to dive into vocal exploration with developing singers.

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Composer, Elementary Music Specialist

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna is thrilled to help children discover their singing voices, an activity she has accomplished many times in her 35+ years in the elementary music classroom. Her imagination is brimming with ideas that keep her students engaged and always interested to see what music magic Ms. Rhodenizer has in store for them. Singing ghost songs or funny shapes, discovering the five voices they didn't know they had, and participating in a variety of musical activities are a lot of fun for the students, and establish a great foundation for future music exploration.