I’m Gonna Build a Snowman

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When the snow is “packy” and conditions are just right, building a snowman is the best thing to do! This song shares the joy of playing in the snow and adding a snow dog and a snow house to the building projects. Watch out! There might even be a snowball in the mix.

This three-verse song includes many repetitious word patterns to create length without burdening young singers with too many lyrics. Adding humor to a topic that is near and dear to the hearts of youngsters everywhere, ensures this song will quickly become a favourite!

Download Includes:

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  • Vocal lead sheet (with chords)
  • Director/piano score
  • Lyrics
  • Accompaniment – with melody guide
  • Accompaniment – piano

I'm Gonna Build a Snowman

Audio & Lyrics

I'm Gonna Build a Snowman - song composed by Donna Rhodenizer

Teaching Tips

  • Introduce the song by discussing things that students enjoy building out of snow.
  • What is the biggest snowman, snow fort or snow structure they have ever made?
  • Read the rhythms for the song using rhythm duration syllables.
  • Clap the rhythm of the first verse while listening to the melody guide track.
  • Use expressive singing to present this song.
  • Use clear diction (watch for lots of ending “t” consonants).

Performance tip

Add a “snowball” to your performance. Crumple a half sheet of paper that you can hide in your hand and throw it at the end of the second verse. NOTE: My students decided to be REALLY tricky and hid a snowball in each hand. They threw one after the second verse and the other one at the end of the song. The audience was surprised BOTH times!

Composer's Notes

I’m Gonna Build a Snowman

As children, my siblings and I would anxiously watch the accumulating snow to see if it would be “packy”. That would mean the snow was wet enough to be just right for building a snowman. There was no difficulty for our mom to encourage us to get our snow gear on and go outside when a snowman was the intended activity. One year we made a huge snowman with the assistance of our oldest sister’s boyfriend who was 6’ 4” tall. In addition to being able to reach much higher than we could, we also found a long piece of wood and used it to roll the snowman’s head to the top of our magnificent creation. This was a four-ball snowman – quite a spectacular sight in the middle of the lawn (or so we thought).

I’m Gonna Build a Snowman explores snow building options such as a snowman, a snow dog and a snow house. It was written for a group of grade 2-3 students for a school concert. The students enjoyed the humorous idea of using Grampa’s clothes for the snowman. Do you think Grampa noticed that his hat and scarf were missing BEFORE he needed to go out into the winter weather? Do you think he was cross to find those items missing? Oops, sorry Grampa! The snow dog chasing “snow balls” was also included as a “joke”. The children were delighted to find out that their performance included hiding a paper snowball in their hand and throwing it out at the audience at the appropriate spot in the song. At the age of 8-9, they are starting to enjoy being in on a joke.

After I wrote this song, Andy was inspired to build us a snowman in the front yard. Like that snowman from my childhood, Andy’s height (6’5") enabled him to create a snowman that was so large, cars slowed down as they drove by, then stopped and people took pictures! The snow dog was not quite as successful. Maybe we will try again when there is another batch of snow.

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Vocal Range

D4 – D5



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  1. Alvaro Rojas

    Kids loved the song. Thanks for the quality repertoire and excellent customer service!

  2. Chloe

    Really cute song, good range, and easy-to-follow melody. I had trouble downloading the file and customer service (Andy!!!) helped me get it all worked out.

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