Because is an inquisitive look at the natural world. Why are zebras black and white? Why are snakes so long and thin? There are many things that may cause us to stop and wonder. The singer of this song has the answer: “Because, that’s the way it is!”

Because is a lovely solo for a young singer, or for a presentation by students in lower to middle elementary grades. The simple melody fits within a one-octave tone set. The verse is written using simple quarter and half notes with natural, lilting, swung eighths creating a pleasant rhythmic contrast in the chorus.

Download Includes:

  • Vocal score
  • Director/piano score
  • Lyrics
  • Accompaniment – with melody guide
  • Accompaniment – piano


Audio & Lyrics

Because - by Donna Rhodenizer - Lyrics - SAMPLE

Teaching Tips

Introduce this song by asking your students if they know the answers to any of the questions mentioned in the lyrics.

  • Do they have any questions they can ask to stump the teacher?
  • Clap the simple rhythm of the song.
  • Sing the song using solfege and/or note names.
  • Find the phrases that use step-wise movement.
  • Find the notes that are a fourth apart or a third apart.
  • Find the three notes that create an arpeggiated triad.

Performance tip

Have two students join their vocal forces to sing this song as a partner song. Singers alternate singing phrases for the verses and then join to sing the chorus in unison. This helps facilitate younger singers who may find it challenging to learn and/or memorize a three-verse song.

Composer's Notes

I keep a notebook where I jot down song ideas. Bits and pieces of words that pique my interest, and things I see that are curious or funny (or beautiful or inspiring!) all find their way into the pages where they are kept for a later time.

Questions are often great inspiration for songs. As they were growing up, my own children asked me many questions as they explored the world around them. Whatever children see they will question, and “Why?” is one of the most frequently asked questions of all.

I remember being asked if worms poop. Fortunately, I had paid attention in grade 7 science class enough to be able to come up with the astute response, “If it eats, it poops.” My son went on his way and I was pleased to have been able to give a satisfactory answer. Other questions are not as easy, but these days we have a world of information at our fingertips and we can look up just about anything almost instantly. Wow.

“Because” evolved from a list of questions that I thought would be interesting to use as song ideas. Instead of writing a song about each of the questions, they became a group of questions all contained in one song. The questions came from the place in my imagination where I am still a curious child, wondering about things. However, the answer to all those questions seems to have formulated from that internal spot many parents revert to when we really don’t have answers for the hundreds of questions our kids ask us. “Because, that’s the way it is” is probably not a very satisfying answer for a truly inquiring mind, but it became a fun combination of words to sing, so that’s how it was written.

Before my grandchildren (or my young students) sing this song and ask me for the REAL answers, I have some homework to do!

Donna Rhodenizer

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Because is also available through Full Voice Music (2 verse version) as part of the publication  Songs and Studies for Kids Level B

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Vocal Range

C4 – C5




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