5 New Singing Games

5 New Singing Games

Singing games play an important role as we teach our young singers the elements of music. Singing Games are part of a larger body of songs referred to as Teaching Songs.

By design, these songs have specific characteristics that define their makeup and their purpose in elementary music class and early music education.


  • Print music - 5 songs - vocal part
  • 5 songs - game instructions
  • 5 songs - teaching strategies

Composing with Shoes

Bonus: Come Back Home my Little Chicks (available with download)

Donna Rhodenizer on whirlygig

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist, Performer

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna Rhodenizer loves playing singing games with her students. In addition to pretending to be a bird flying in and out of windows, an owl hiding in the forest, or a mother chicken calling to her chicks, Donna’s vivid imagination is put to good use composing songs for young singers. She has written over 400 pieces of music in the past four decades and, unless that pesky wolf in the forest causes an early demise, she has plans to write more songs in the future.