Swamp Friends


Swamp Friends is an informative and amusing visit to the swamp to see how the dragonflies, moose and frogs get along as neighbours. Flying creatures must watch out for the sticky tongues of the frogs but moose are not worried about those sticky tongues at all. Listen to the song to find out why!

Swamp Friends is very accessible for young singers. Simple rhythms are used within the 3/4 time melody of this two-verse song. The melody is written using mostly step-wise motion with one dramatic octave jump at the end of each verse, while the melody fits within a one-octave range. Natural breathing breaks assist the singer with maintaining good breath energy.

It is always fun to be in on a good joke. Swamp Friends has amusing imagery and dramatic flair that suits the performance needs of young singers.

Download Includes:

  • Vocal score
  • Vocal lead sheet (with chords)
  • Director/piano score
  • Lyrics
  • Accompaniment – with melody guide
  • Accompaniment – piano

Swamp Friends

Audio & Lyrics

Swamp Friends - Song for Young Singers - by Donna Rhodenizer - Lyrics

Teaching Tips

Because Swamp Friends is a simple song to sing, it can be used in conjunction with other music skills. 

  1. Add a rhythmic ostinato
    • Use a phrase from the song (e.g. sticky frog tongues) or create your own! I like the rhythm that is created by saying “Moose and frogs”  (half note + quarter note + dotted half note).
  2. Add an instrument that plays on certain words in the song
    • Play an instrumental sound every time you sing the names of creatures or animals.
    • Have students follow the vocal score and play their instrument on all the half notes in the song (or play in all the rests, or choose another rhythmic element to highlight).
  3. Keep the beat
    • Have the students step on beat one of every bar. Swamp Friends is written in 3/4 meter so this will assist students in feeling the swaying feel of the song.
    • An instrument may also be used to play on beat one of each bar.

Additional detailed Teaching Tips and Strategies available in the download.

Composer's Notes

Swamp Friends

I grew up on a farm where I often pulled on my rubber boots and headed outdoors to explore. There was a swamp with cattails and lots of frogs that would sing their frog songs in the spring. A small brook ran through the cattle pasture. It was always a great place to poke about, pulling out sticks or breaking up ice to assist the bubbling water to get on its merry way. Although it wasn’t very deep, we were not supposed to be playing in the brook (sorry Mom!), but it was great fun! I didn’t see a moose until I was an adult, but I can imagine one standing in the swamp and dealing with those frogs.

I was playing with the words “butterflies, dragonflies and fireflies” trying to figure out a song about these flying creatures. As I thought about this combination of “neighbours” living in the swamp, I got to thinking about what happens when the flying creatures get caught by the frogs who also live in the swamp. As sometimes happens as I mull over an idea, the idea of adding a moose popped into my head. Who knows why these inspirations arrive in the brain? In any case, I decided to add a moose to the neighbourhood. Then I couldn’t resist adding a bit of humour as the moose dealt with those sticky frog tongues. The idea made me laugh and I expect that young singers will also be amused by the imagery of this song. It was fun trying to fit the whole story, the set up of the humour, and the final “punch line” all within a short 32-bar song.

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Vocal Range

D4 – D5




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