Just Passing By

Popular Graduation Song

Just Passing By

Celebrate your graduates with a special song.

Use “Just Passing By” at graduation ceremonies with the soundtrack or with a live performance.

Enjoy “Just Passing By” using the printed music, lyrics, teaching strategies, cross-curricular activities (unison version), and audio tracks.

Available in unison and SSA arrangements

Concert Repertoire

Just Passing By is perfect for graduation ceremonies and celebrating the end of the school year with your students. This song explores celebrating friendship, looking ahead, and saying goodbye but remembering shared experiences. Play the performance track for your special students or have them learn the song and sing it themselves using the instrumental accompaniment track. Written in a pop style, this song is sure to be a hit with students (and adults!) of all ages. The French version of Just Passing By (Une traversée) is also included in the Super Pack.

Just Passing By - Grad Cap and Diploma

Expressive Singing

Discuss the words of the song.

Use dynamics to support the lyrics and sing expressively.

The mood of this song is optimistic even though the singer is saying goodbye.

The key change before the third chorus helps “lift” the piece and give it some momentum.

Use the higher, brighter sound created by the key change to convey the sense of optimism of the lyrics.


Just Passing By begins with the chorus. The form of the piece is ABABA - Chorus, verse, chorus, verse, altered chorus.

Although there are three choruses, in the third chorus the words change.

How will you sing the third chorus differently than the previous two choruses?

Musical Roadmap

You will need to know how to follow the musical “road map” of this song.

Discuss repeat signs and 1st and 2nd endings.

Follow the music as you listen to the performance track.

Teachers: is singing restricted in your area?

The full performance track of Just Passing By  can be used in graduation ceremonies (online and in person).

    1. Play the track as the students assemble or leave their graduation ceremony. 

    2. Play the track as part of a video presentation.

Special Graduation Presentation

Have each member of the graduating class provide their photo from Kindergarten plus a more recent photo.

Organize the photos in two-photo groupings showing the younger photo first and then reveal who that youngster is by showing their recent photo.

Use the performance track of Just Passing By as the background for your photo presentation for a memorable walk down "memory lane".

Donna & Andy - very young & not so young

Cross-curricular Extensions 

The Just Passing By  cross-curricular extensions are provided in the following subject areas:

-  Language Arts

-  Personal Development

-  Visual Art

-  Memory Skills

-  Social Studies

-  Personal development

-  History

-  Math

Sequential instructions are provided for each activity. Preparation/supplies are indicated

View activities sample pages here

Download with your purchase of the unison versions

Listen and discuss

Extend the song into a time of discussion and personal reflection.

  •   Listen to the performance track (vocals and band) of Just Passing By
  •   Read the lyrics and get to know the music.
  •   Use Just Passing By to initiate and stimulate engaging discussion with students.

- How do the students feel about graduating?

- Discuss the emotions of ending one phase of life and beginning another.

- At what other occasions might people feel these same emotions?

Audio Samples

Just Passing By - Donna & Andy  performance (key of Eb)

Vocal and Band (sample)

Just Passing By - Lyrics

Just Passing By - unison (key of Eb)

Piano plus melody guide

Just Passing By - unison (key of G)

Piano plus melody guide

Just Passing By - SSA (key of G)

The Aeolian Singers

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Have Fun!

Donna Rhodenizer

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist, Performer

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna has been writing songs for young elementary-aged singers since the 1980s, with over 400 songs in her catalogue! She is intrigued by the world around her and delights in sharing her unique perspective writing songs that are catchy and capture the imagination of young singers. The playfulness of her lyrics and musical stylings make her songs favourites with elementary students and young vocal students the solid musical value of her writing makes her songs popular with music educators in elementary classrooms and private vocal studios.

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