Just Passing By


Just Passing By is perfect for graduation ceremonies and celebrating the end of the school year. This song explores celebrating friendship, looking ahead, and saying goodbye but remembering shared experiences. The words are appropriate for singers of all ages to sing for retirements and other farewells.

Written in a pop style, this song is sure to be a hit with students (and adults!) of all ages.

Voicing Options:

  • Unison – key of Eb
  • Unison – key of G
  • SSA – key of G

Listen to the Donna & Andy performance track:

Unison Download includes:

  • Vocal score
  • Director/piano score
  • Lyrics
  • Accompaniment – with melody guide
  • Accompaniment – piano
  • Bonus: Donna & Andy Performance track

SSA Download includes:

  • SSA score (vocal and piano)
  • Lyrics
  • Accompaniment – piano

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Just Passing By

Unison - Key Of E♭

Context       Choir: elementary, middle school, high school, adult/community, vocal solo

Level                Age 12 and up, grade 4-6, middle school, high school, adult

Vocal Range     B♭3 - C5 

Audio Sample   melody plus piano

Unison - Key of G

Context      Choir: elementary, middle school, high school, adult/community, vocal solo

Level                Age 12 and up, middle school, high school, adult

Vocal Range     D4 - E5

Audio Sample   Sample track - melody plus piano

SSA - Key Of G

Context             Choir: elementary, middle school, high school, adult/community

Level                 Age 12 and up, middle school, high school, adult

Audio Sample   SSA - performed by The Aeolian Singers, Halifax NS, Canada

Composer Notes

Just Passing By

Just Passing By was written for a very special group of grade six students who were leaving my elementary school music program and moving on to grade seven in a different school. It was sad to see them go but we were all excited about the possibilities that were ahead of them.

The inspiration for the song came from my discovery of a quote made by famous Quaker missionary, Stephen Grellet (1773-1855):

“I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I will not pass this way again.”

Not only did this quote inspire the writing of my song, but it was also good advice for being kind and making a positive difference in the world around us. I made a poster of this quote and had it on the wall in my music room for many years.

Over the years I have initiated discussions with my “graduating” students about their excitement and trepidation surrounding leaving elementary school and moving on to a different school with new possibilities and lots of unknowns. The bonds we form with our friends is a great source of strength as we grow together, and a source of comfort when we remember those who we may no longer see, but who have helped us on our journey so far.

Changing the final chorus of Just Passing By helped create a positive spin on this farewell song. “As we pass by, our memories will not let this end. If just in memories, I know we’ll pass this way again.”

Just Passing By - song by Donna Rhodenizer - artwork by Richard Bennett

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