Pass the Pasta


Tongue twisters are an entertaining way to engage students.

Pass the Pasta is a two-verse tongue twister that can be spoken or sung. Use it as a challenge, a game, a warm-up or just for fun. It is a great tool for working on pronunciation and expressive delivery of text.

Young singers use expressive singing to present the story written in the song lyrics. This is sometimes more difficult when the performer is presenting information with which they may not actually agree. Singers are encouraged to use all their music theatre tools and tricks to convince their audience that pasta with peas and pepper is truly a delicious and preferable meal!

Enjoy the confusion and mistakes of Pass the Pasta and have some fun!

Download Includes:

  • Vocal score
  • Director/piano score
  • Lyrics
  • Accompaniment – with melody guide
  • Accompaniment – piano
  • Teaching tips

Pass the Pasta

Audio & Lyrics

Pass the Pasta - song composed by Donna Rhodenizer - Lyrics - SAMPLE

Teaching Tips

Prepare for this tongue-twister song by speaking the lyrics aloud.

Enunciate the words clearly and speak expressively.

If there are any spots where the words get tangled up, repeat that section several times. Slow it down and increase the speed a bit more each time until you are able to speak it accurately at the normal speed.

Learn the melody by singing it using solfege syllables.

  • Add hand signs as you sing.

Once you know the melody, add the lyrics for Pass the Pasta and use the song as a vocal warm-up.

Sing Pass the Pasta as a performance piece to impress the audience with your ability to accurately sing the complicated word patterns of the song.

Use expressive singing to tell the story. Can you convince your audience that you really do like pasta with peas and pepper?

Composer's Notes

Pass the Pasta

I have always been known to be someone who talks quickly. My grandmother was constantly reminding me, “Donna, slow down.” Hard as I try, I can only maintain a slower speed for a short time before my natural speedy speech tendency exerts its influence, and off I go! Tongue twisters are right down my alley as they often include quick word combinations. I love playing with alliterative sounds and combinations of words to tell the story - if one can get the words to come out correctly!

Pass the Pasta was a song that started rolling around in my head as I was falling asleep. I had several lines of the song that I thought would work and I tried hard to repeat them over and over so I wouldn’t forget them. I know that this often results in the loss of potential words, so I turned on my light and jotted down the few phrases I had started.  

I pushed words around for a few days to solidify the first verse and I thought the song was completed. I wasn’t ready to use it for anything at the moment so I put it away. When I returned to it a few weeks later, the song seemed to be too short so I created a second verse. A tongue twister with two verses creates twice as many words for the singer to sing without stumbling. Oh my! Pass the Pasta, please!

Donna Rhodenizer

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Vocal Range

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