Pondering Penguins


Pondering Penguins explores the unique characteristics of penguins. They cannot fly, but they love to swim. They have specially designed feathers that keep them warm. They always look like they are dressed up in a dinner jacket. A father penguin holds the egg on his feet to keep it warm until it hatches. It would be fun to go on an expedition to meet a penguin!

This song has two melody options: one with larger interval jumps and one with a more simple vocal line to accommodate younger singers. The style of the song has the feel of a country line dance. In fact, there are instructions for a line dance provided in the teaching tips and strategies for those students who want to add some dance moves to their presentation during the short instrumental “B” section of the song.

A bonus recorder part is also provided for students to play along during the instrumental “B” section of the song. This penguin package is packed with fun!

Listen to the Donna & Andy performance track:

Download Includes:

  • Vocal score (simple melody)
  • Vocal score (advanced melody)
  • Lead sheet
  • Recorder score
  • Director/piano score
  • Lyrics
  • Accompaniment – with melody guide (both simple and advanced melody options are provided)
  • Accompaniment – piano
  • Teaching Tips and Strategies
  • 13 Cross-curricular Activities
  • Donna & Andy band – instrumental track
  • Donna & Andy – performance track
  • Colouring page

Pondering Penguins

Audio & Lyrics

Follow along with the lyrics as you listen to the accompaniment with melody guide for Pondering Penguins

Pondering Penguins - song composed by Donna Rhodenizer - Lyrics

Part of a Song Collection

Pondering Penguins is one of 12 songs from the award winning song collection "Computer Cat". Donna Rhodenizer has written these songs in a variety of styles and skill levels for singers from ages 5-12+.

Learn more about this fun collection for elementary-aged kids, choirs and solo vocal students. The 93-page book provides the vocal score, full score and separate lyrics pages for 12 songs. Enjoy! 

Please note: audio tracks for the e-book version are sold separately. Print copies of the book include CD (24 tracks)

Computer Cat - Songbook

Bonus Audio Tracks / CD

Stream or purchase from many music streaming sites including:


Apple Music


          ....to name but a few. 

Get audio tracks and activities with a Donna & Andy Membership

The Computer Cat CD (Donna & Andy performance and instrumental) tracks (24) are available for download or physical CD on this website.

Colouring Page - Download

Download (pdf), print and have fun colouring this page while you listen to the song Pondering Penguins. Enjoy 35 more colouring pages when you get a "Top of the Class" Donna & Andy Membership.

Pondering Penguins - song composed by Donna Rhodenizer

Composer's Notes

Pondering Penguins is one of four songs that I wrote at the request of a teacher at my school who was doing a penguin unit with her students. She wanted to augment her unit with some songs and I agreed to write something for her. When her students came to their next music class with me, they had many great penguin facts to tell me. In Pondering Penguins I included lots of the facts the students had told me: penguins cannot fly, they love to dive and swim, they have special feathers that help keep them warm, the father penguin holds the egg on his feet to keep it warm until it hatches, and they have a call that is not very musical by human standards. I ended up writing four penguin songs for them. I wanted to write each penguin song with different musical styles. Pondering Penguins ended up with a country shuffle feel and we created a line dance to go with it. I had great fun creating my set of penguin songs and the students had great fun singing them.

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Vocal Range

C4 – C5




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