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Nominated – 2024 ECMA (East Coast Music Awards) – Children’s Entertainer of the Year

Donna & Andy have released their 7th studio recording featuring their original children’s music. Backed by a jolly bunch of studio musicians, the CD features songs in a variety of styles, including: marching band, big band, country shuffle and bluegrass!

Donna & Andy’s attention to musical details, their tasteful use of harmony and unique instrument combinations make each track a pleasure for both children AND adults. Once again, they have included banjo on at least one track of the CD, there is a full marching band and a 17-piece big band. The recording studio must have been crowded!

The lyrics reflect this duo’s wit and imagination as they sing about a sea-faring bunch of jolly sailors, a compliant giant, tango-dancing snakes, their never-ending laundry chores and other songs that are sure to become family favourites.

Listen to Song Samples:

Download Includes:

    • 10 Donna & Andy Performance Tracks
    • 10 Full-band Tracks

A Jolly Bunch Are We - CD

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  • Jolly Sailors - Print Music Download - print music and teaching strategies
  • Turn it Around - Print Music Download
  • When You're Smiling - print music coming soon
  • I Really Need to Know - print music coming soon
  • Don't Make Me Do Laundry - print music coming soon
  • My Kaleidoscope View - print music coming soon
  • A Snake Tango Tale - Print Music Download
  • The Compliant Giant - Print Music Download
  • Music in the Kitchen - print music coming soon
  • See You Later, Alligator - print music coming soon

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Donna & Andy CD - A Jolly Bunch Are We
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  1. Andy Duinker

    We sure did have a “Jolly bunch of fun” making this CD. Enjoy!

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