Vocal Warm-ups for Choir, Elementary Schools and Vocal Studios


Vocal warm-ups are an integral part of rehearsals and vocal lessons. Warming up the body and the voice is important to develop vocal strength and prevent injury.

Warm-ups in this download are divided into four groups:

Vocal range warm-ups
Diction/Articulation Warm-up Challenges
Physical warm-ups (voice and body)
Creating Harmony

Warm-ups are included for students of various ages and skill levels. Some warm-ups require serious focus and attention, others create a sense of fun and help students relax. Scores and instructions are provided for all vocal warm-ups in this package. However, teachers are encouraged to present these exercises aurally so students can watch the director and follow visual cues. Tutorial videos are included when available as well as suggestions for additional online videos for reference and information.

Download Includes (37 page pdf):

    • Vocal scores (for 28 warm-ups)
    • Lyrics
    • Instructions (where applicable)
    • Teaching strategies
    • Video Tutorials
    • Additional video links

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Vocal Warm-ups

More Information

Warm-ups are an important element to include at the beginning of choir rehearsals and vocal lessons. Although it may be tempting to skip warm-ups if time is limited, healthy singing requires vocal and physical preparation. I often use the example with my students that athletes warm up their muscles before running, jumping and throwing for athletic activities. The voice is also a muscle and it needs to be warmed up before making it do a vocal workout. Warming up helps develop strength and prevent injury.

Young singers in elementary school choirs arrive at the music room from various locations and other activities. Private vocal lessons are often at the end of the day and sometimes squeezed between multiple after-school activities. Some students will need time to wind down, others will need to be energized! Warm-ups provide a good focus and transition time. In choir or small-group lessons, warm-ups also help the group begin to work as a team.

Combining movement with vocal warm-ups helps engage the whole body in the singing activity. Combining singing AND doing an action is good for the brain, and is often a welcome challenge that helps engage students, particularly older students.

Warm-ups can be used for diction, warming up the vocal range, challenging the brain and waking up the body.

Vocal Range Warm-ups

Vocal Range Warm-ups

Ascending / Descending Warm-ups:

  • Down to the Bottom of the Sea
  • Ee he he
  • Doobee doo
  • Vowels

I Know, I Know, I Know

Have You Seen My Alligator?

Parachute / Umbrella Warm-ups

Diction / Articulation Warm-ups and Challenges

Diction /Articulation Warm-ups and Challenges


  • The Tip of the Tongue
  • Zinga Zinga Zah
  • Maybe My Mommy

Five Tongue Twisters

  • Listen to the Vocal Local Yodel
  • My Swiss Wristwatch
  • We Will Surely See the Sun
  • Shawn Swan
  • The Bold Bluebird Blinks

More Tongue Twisters

  • Red Leather, Yellow Leather
  • Pass the Pasta

Piccolo Meenie

One, One-Two-One   

Z-Y-X (Backward Alphabet)

Animal Can-Can

Physical Warm-ups

Physical Warm-ups

My Bonnie

Bim Bum

Stretches - Physical Warm-up Story

Creating Harmony

Creating Harmony

Sustained Ooh

Chairs to Mend

Alfred (The Alligator Song)

Round and Round the Earth is Turning

Vocal Range Warm-ups

Diction / Articulation Warm-ups and Challenges

Physical Warm-ups (voice and body)

Creating Harmony

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