Dark, Night Sky

Dark, Night Sky - Donna Rhodenizer

The familiar and well-loved minor melody of Ghost of John has been given “extended shelf life” with the addition of lyrics that focus on the moon, the night sky and hooting owls. Teachers can introduce “Dark, Night Sky” at any time of the year and not be pressured to complete activities before Halloween. Teachers who introduce the original lyrics of Ghost of John can expand and extend the activities beyond October by continuing with the lyrics of Dark, Night Sky. The newly composed  words also remove the issue of seasonal lyrics that may not be acceptable to use for some students.

Singing this well-known melody in canon creates rich harmonies within the minor modality. Adding multi-layered melodic and rhythmic ostinati results in an amazing “soundscape” that adds depth and musical interest to this simple melody. Dark, Night Sky is a music activity that students will enjoy at any time of the year.

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Reading with Gramma - Donna Rhodenizer

Composer, Elementary Music Specialist

Donna Rhodenizer

Donna is thrilled to help children discover their singing voices, an activity she has accomplished many times in her 35+ years in the elementary music classroom. Her imagination is brimming with ideas that keep her students engaged and always interested to see what music magic Ms. Rhodenizer has in store for them. Singing ghost songs or funny shapes, discovering the five voices they didn't know they had, and participating in a variety of musical activities are a lot of fun for the students, and establish a great foundation for future music exploration.